Time Moves Too Fast

This weekend the first round of auctions ended at Kumfy Kozies. A nice lady from Canada won her bids on my mini scrapbook and crochet baby booties!

She is giving these to an expecting mother as a shower gift! How cute are these? (Just an FYI crochet booties can be custom ordered Here and custom scrapbooks can be ordered here.

An Update:

I'm still working on my blanket...I figure it will take me awhile to make. It will require a bunch of yarn (money is pretty tight right now) and a lot of time!

I'm about halfway done with my basket! I decided that once I'm done crocheting it, I plan to felt it! I'm excited. This will be my first time EVER felting anything. I plan on lining it with a fabric as well...maybe.

I started crocheting a pillow cover for a bolster pillow I've had in my closet for a few years! It's going to be so bright, fun and cozy!

go to Kumfy Kozies right now and bid on the items available on this final auction. ALL proceeds go to a lovely family in need!

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