We Made It!

After being in a truck for 3 days we made it! Phew! The cat traveled very well! He slept most of the way wrapped up in a blanket on my lap! So thankful he did well! Our first day we drove to my husband's parent's in Normal, IL and stayed the night. The second night we stayed in Memphis. Ugh, what a nightmare. We were supposed to stay in an apartment-like hotel. They were pet friendly too! Well, we go to check in and they say that they are only DOG friendly! Their website did NOT specify! Oh well, we decide to stay at Scott's brother's hotel because they accept cats. So, when we get there we find that the hotel is in one of the worst parts of town. We did not feel comfortable leaving our truck/car parked in an abandoned parking lot across the street over night. We were also just about out of gas - yay! We pull over on the side of the road and make phone calls for about an hour or so while we sent Scott's brother for a gallon of gas for us! Finally we found a reasonably priced hotel that accepts cats --- on the other side of town. Finally, we get checked in and get to have dinner at about 8pm..rather than 5. We decide to just hit up the Wendy's close by. Well, the cashier there did not want to wait on us. I stood there for at LEAST 5 minutes...probably closer to 10 before she acknowledged my presence. Now, if people of another skin color walked in she said hello, etc. FINALLY we order our food and get it, well the order was wrong! Finally get eat and get back to the hotel and crash for the night! On Saturday we drove to Lafayette! We got there around 2-230pm. Scott's boss and 2 kids helped us move everything into the apartment!!! YAY! Then we went out to eat at a Cajun restaurant!

Now I just have to find work...somewhere :)

 our fitness center

our swimming pool

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