I'm still having some issues with blogger...I have to be creative to log in! INSANE! I hope this gets fixed soon!?

The last few weeks have been hectic! My husband and I are both just getting over a rather nasty cold. Good news? I think I found a person who will sell us their 10x10 canopy (in good condition) for $35 :) Why is this good news? We can now do outdoor CRAFT SHOWS! I'm so excited! Michigan, here we come!!! I am starting to research different shows...as well as go to them to see what we want to do next summer! My husband is going to participate as well! He has decided to try and sell his photography! He is SO talented! Rather than using a DIGITAL camera, the majority of his prints are OLD SCHOOL. He has a collection of vintage FILM SLR cameras. There's a lot of work that goes into the film photos...and i'm excited to share a few examples of his work:

Obviously, the print you'd receive would NOT have the watermark on it...that is just for his own protection while selling online :)

How much you ask? for the FILM prints he's selling them as such:

4x6 : $14.99
5x7: $19.99
8x10: $29.99

Digital prints (not yet available) would be a little less because, well, there's not as much work involved!

be sure to check out his Etsy Shop and his Website!

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