Snowmageddon 2011

We got a lot of snow over the last 24 hours. We already had around 10-12 inches...then more came. I'm hoping that this is it! The groundhog did NOT see his shadow...so spring is supposed to be right on time this year! I sure hope so!

My husband and I braved the snow and went out and took some photos today. In order to get some of these I had to hop on his back because I couldn't walk through the snow - it's so deep in spots!! Of course, we toppled over a time or two! Too bad no one was with us to take photos of that!

Here are a few shots that I like:

Picture 1: The tridge in downtown Midland, MI
Picture 2: Statues near the tridge
Picture 3: Nice scenery near the tridge
Picture 4: My husband doing anything for the shot! What a nut!

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Lastly, here is a peak at a latest creation...

These are FULLY customizable in color and in size! Seriously, how cute are these? They are now available in my Etsy Shop.

Have a great night!

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