On The Road

Today I'm all over the place. I have so much to accomplish before I can get on the road tomorrow morning. I'm hoping to pull out at 7am (EST). *crosses fingers* because I'm NOT a morning person. However, I woke up *early* today in hopes that I'll be tired enough to crash by 10pm tonight!

Things To Do Today:

Mail a package to Georgia & Australia
Fill up the tank with gas *painful right now at $3.89/gallon
finish packing clothes, yarn, and other items
load up the car
CLEAN the apartment
hopefully BAKE some cookies (I have a half of gallon of milk in the fridge)
In bed and passed out between 9-11pm.

Where am I going? I'm heading to Watkins Glen, NY. This is the town I lived in K-12. My parents and a few of my friends are still there. I decided to head out that way while my husband is in the San Francisco Bay area for the next 10 days.

A few BASIC details about Watkins Glen, NY

Population: 2,149 (2000 census)
Area: 2.2 sq mi.
Aprox 5 hours from NYC, 2 hours from Buffalo and 1.5 hours from Rochester and Syracuse.

Car Racing:
The first Post-WWII Grand Prix Auto Race was held in Watkins Glen, NY in 1948
Still home to NASCAR and many other races

It is said that the Finger Lakes region of NY has the BEST land to grow grapes for wine, however they have a short growing season and that is why CA is #1 in wine production. However, NY is #2.
One of the FIRST ever wineries was started in the Finger Lakes Region
There are aprox. 55 wineries just on Seneca Lake alone!

This is what my home town looks like:

The gorge at the NYS Park (2nd most visited in all the state)

A shot of the main street
The pier on Seneca Lake

Seneca Lake is BIG on wine 

Yep, Racing is QUITE big here too

can you tell?

That's me about 4-5 years ago on Seneca Lake

The boats in the harbor

zoom zoom!

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