Add A Splash of Color to Your Life

My husband and I rent a 2 bedroom apartment right now. We have decided to continue to rent until we are more financially stable (pesky student loans) and ready to commit to a location (we don't plan to be here more than 5 years...1 down already!!). That being said, I HATE living amongst white whiles. Our apartment came with off white walls...which, to me, look dingy. We painted 2 walls in our living room and 1 wall in the kitchen a soft grey last spring/summer to add SOMETHING. Now that we know we'll be resigning our lease we decided to go bold! We are both ECSTATIC with the results!

It's not finished yet, I'm going to the local craft store tomorrow to pick up a small brush to finish up the small orange rectangles on our massive film strip on the wall! Once it's completely done, there is a floating black shelf that goes on the wall as well as our tv, and a small black book case (directly under the Breakfast At Tiffany's picture!)

The curtains in this room I got at Pier 1 on clearance just over a year ago. They're a bright, bold flower print with orange, red, blue, turquoise, pink, yellow, green, etc. in it! Our sofas are a leather frame with suede cushions (all brown). So, I'm going to make simple slip covers for the cushions to lighten them up some! We're really hoping that NEXT winter won't be so dreary in this apartment...but it will be bright and sunny all year long! More pics are def. on their way.

To end the post, check out some of my latest creations:

Have a great Monday everyone!


  1. I adore the wall choice color. We lease a condo and want to paint.. I'm tired of looking at dingy white wall.

  2. Do it!! It's amazing how much it brightened up the room! We are in love. My husband and I are both creative people so living in off white walls is just not realistic!!! I can't wait to paint my office :)