I'm A Star!

Many of you may not know this, probably most of you don't, but I am married to a film maker. We both met at Columbia College and we graduated a year apart. He currently works for DOW Corporate doing corporate internal videos as well as some high end commercials and videos. He misses doing the creative film and so from time to time he creates his own "weekend projects". This last weekend we went out to the local nature center and did this:

What do you think?? Yes, that's me AND him in the video! So glad that most of this snow is now gone!
Want to see more of my husband's AWESOME work? Check out his website http://www.mohrhd.com.


  1. That was a cute video. Had a serene feel to it. Makes me wish I was there with you two.
    ~EBT member

  2. Thanks!!! He had a lot of fun coming up with this short film! We may be doing another at the same location once there's some greenery and flowers!